DTSI’s HRSTS Project Team partnered with Oracle Corporation over the last 13 months to take the legacy Discoverer tool which has been the ad hoc querying, reporting, data analysis, tool used by the AF Personnel community since the inception of MilPDS in the 1990s and fielded a new BI tool, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). This new capability replaces Discoverer’s 20 year old functionality. The Air Force Human Resources Systems Division approved OBIEE to “go live” last November which will enable AF Personnel managers to move to OBIEE as Discoverer’s replacement. Over the next year, OBIEE will provide AF personnel information with robust reporting, ad hoc query and analysis, dashboard functionality that offers the end-user an experience that comes with visualization, collaboration, and alert capabilities.

Benefits include:
• Interactive dashboards that provide reports with a variety of visualization tools
• Dashboards for commanders
• Robust summary data
• Enterprise reporting that accommodates formatted templates and reports
• Detection and alerts that trigger workflows based on business events

This effective collaboration between Oracle Corporation and DTSI has been lauded as a strong example of successfully bringing small business and large business together to deliver great capability at a reasonable cost. DTSI personnel who significantly contributed to this effort include Ramesh Siddabattula, (Team Lead) Venu Kolanu (Technical advisor), Tendayi Nyamande, and Brenda Lauer. DTSI’s key Oracle teammate was Waseem Sadiq. Thanks to all for a successful fielding of this initial OBIEE capability—well done.