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Telecom Solutions


LGS – Iraqi Communication Infrastructure Reconstruction Program

LGS - Bell Labs InnovationsAs a subcontractor to LGS (formerly Lucent Technologies) on this project, DTSI provided senior level communications / RF Engineers to assist in restoring and rebuilding Iraqi’s communications infrastructure to support the Iraq Coalition Provisional Authority’s (CPA) mission. The scope of this design-build IDIQ contract included work associated with the survey, design, construction, demolition, reconstruction, renovation, restoration, investigation, remediation, implementation, interoperability with existing systems and equipment, as well as operation and maintenance.
“The DTSI team continued to perform above expectations in all aspects of their efforts on reengineering the virtual Military Personnel Flight (vMPF) system including migrating to a new database system and conversion of the code to the latest Microsoft .NET technologies.”
~ Contracting Officer

Telecom Solutions

The DTSI Telecommunications division provides Engineer, Furnish, Install and Test (EFI&T) services to the U.S. Government community. We possess a broad range of systems integration capabilities and augment our service packages through strategic partnerships and an extensive portfolio of service providers and equipment providers. The DTSI Telecommunications division primarily focuses on wireless transport and delivery networks including: Digital Microwave, Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and Wifi but additionally provides engineering for Inside and Outside Plant design.

Providing Solutions:

At DTSI we maintain an ongoing and growing capability to meet the ever changing needs of the US Government community we support. Our operational posture allows us to perform against telecommunications projects of various size and scope with the technical expertise to develop solutions that always meet and often exceed Government requirements. Our service offering is built around the concept of meeting any demand encountered with an adequate and timely response.
DTSI operates under a philosophy that the US Government agencies we support are more than just our customers, they are our ongoing partners and as such we take an active role in understanding their needs and developing solutions that many times go beyond initial requirements without increasing cost. DTSI has been recognized by our US Government customers on numerous occasions for offering comprehensive solutions to complex problems that exceeded expectations and provided needed capabilities that had not been considered.  

While we are prepared to support fill turnkey EFI&T projects of significant size we also stand ready to take on the smaller projects that can be just as important to the mission critical operational needs of our Government customers. DTSI is prepared to support any portion of a telecommunications implementation project from site survey to final commissioning and acceptance testing. Our field operations team consists of technical expertise of various skill sets and levels affording us the ability to be responsive to developing and changing requirements.

DTSI Services:

Site Survey

DTSI provides a full range of site survey services designed to capture a comprehensive set of data to support all aspects of the design and implementation components of a telecommunication implementation project.
  • Physical Site Survey
  • Post Survey Report
  • Microwave Path Survey


Data Collection Documentation

Many companies perform site surveys based on a standard document and, more often than not, find gap areas during the follow-on design processes. At DTSI, we believe in flexibility, allowing us to match-up our site survey documentation to the requirements set forth by our customers. We start with a baseline document and go through a document editing process that satisfies both the objectives of our customer as well as our own internal requirements.

Physical Site Survey

Far too often, the site survey process is treated like a race against the clock in an effort to increase profitability. At DTSI, it is mandated that all site surveys will be performed in a manner that allows for the collection of all data specific to the site that may be useful in support of follow-on design and implementation processes. A DTSI team will always remain on site for the entire duration scheduled for the survey, unless our customers request otherwise. Our site survey teams are comprised of individuals that have knowledge and expertise that appropriately suits the purpose of the site survey to be performed. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all process.

Post Survey Report

Many companies consider a completed site survey data collection sheet as the final report. At DTSI, we understand that there is a great amount of information gleaned during the survey process that does not always make it to the data collection sheet. This additional information must be properly communicated to the individuals responsible for the follow-on design work in order to create a solution that is comprehensive and complete. At the completion of each site survey, a final site survey written report will accompany completed data sheets, drawings, and photographs that will clearly outline deficiencies and all relevant site information.

Microwave Path Survey

DTSI also provides microwave path surveys to support the design process for new microwave paths or for existing path design validation. The services can be provided independently or rolled into our full site survey service offering.


DTSI offers numerous design engineering services for new or expanding wireless networks. Our design processes are based on sound principles recognized by the wireless community using the most modern, industry-recognized tools and methodologies. We offer the following design services:


  • Microwave path design
  • Microwave path profiles
  • Microwave path calculations
  • Transmission design

  • RF coverage design
  • RF prediction modeling
  • Frequency planning

  • Network design
  • System interconnect design
  • Circuit layout design
  • Inside plant facility design
  • Outside plant network design


  • Site design
  • Rack elevation drawings
  • Site drawings
  • Equipment room floor plans
  • Wiring diagrams

  • Environmental and site support system design
  • HVAC design
  • AC and DC power design
  • Environmental alarm design
  • Interior/exterior site grounding design

Tower Services

The U.S. Government relies heavily on wireless distribution and transport networks and owns and maintains a large number of communications towers worldwide. In addition to the communications towers already in possession of the U.S. Government, new towers are frequently constructed in support of network expansion and new network build-outs. DTSI provides a full set of communication tower capabilities to address the needs of our government customers.


  • Tower & foundation design
  • Tower designed according to need
  • Foundation designs
  • Tower & foundation mapping
  • Structural analysis
  • Tower inspections


  • Geotechnical services
  • Soil collection
  • Laboratory test and report
  • Tower & Foundation Design


DTSI provides integration support services for telecommunication network deployments of many types. Our field services staff is  comprised of highly trained professionals dedicated to the overall success of DTSI and our customers.

We offer the following integration support services:

System Test and Turn-up

  • Test plan development
  • Equipment commissioning
  • Network integration testing
  • Systems acceptance testing

Program and Project Management

  • Senior level program management
  • On-site project management
  • Remote project management

Deployment Management

  • Construction management
  • Installation management
  • Test and integration management