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International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) – MYXDP Program

IBMDTSI was an integral partner to IBM as a member of the My Development Program (MYXDP) team which served to further the Total Force Development construct goals of the Air Force. The MYXDP program suite was designed and developed for use by over a million officers, enlisted, and civilian Air Force personnel, who benefit from management of their educational and training history for Air Force institutional and career-specific guidance.  DTSI played a key role in the final development of three enterprise scale applications: My Officer Development Plan, Civilian Development Plan, and My Enlisted Development Plan.

Assisting in the Development of Future Leaders

Briefly, as part of the ’Total Force Development’ constructs goals of the Air Force, MyXDP was designed and developed as an integrated Air Force civilian, enlisted, and officer ’force development framework.’ This framework now provides individual members of each corps streamlined user experience and standardized presentation of enterprise data to ensure members receive appropriate development opportunities to meet requirements as future leaders.  As an example, the developed suite provides Air Force members information on education, training, and experience (referred to as the ‘’continuum of learning’) in one centralized, self-service portal for the member community, as well as critical career field and grade-specific information managed directly by their respective career field manager.  MyXDP also provides a view of key airman knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA), empowering mentors to effectively coach members in their professional development.

These applications were developed as web-based presentation layers or ’user interfaces’ that made use of existing Air Force assets, such as the Virtual Personnel Services Center, other proprietary systems of record, and authoritative data sources contained within current Air Force repositories.  Additionally, these systems were developed to have the capability to publish personnel record data from various external systems/databases.

In the course of development, DTSI personnel were successful in leveraging existing SOA services and development of new data services. In addition to having the new MYXDP platform use existing SOA services (i.e. Virtual Personnel Services Center – VPSC), the support for this application entailed development of point-to-point interfacing with external authoritative data services (as well as the creation of new data services where appropriate). These services constituted the first AFPC reusable services slated for eventual incorporation into the Air Force ’service-bus.’ Another  objective achieved was the creation of presentation services (dashboards) to meet the specific mission capability requirements of the Air Force. These dashboards now allow the airmen development planning and execution processes to ensure human resources capability that supports the evolving mission needs of the Air Force War Fighter.

Mission Critical Protection of Information

DTSI support also included configuration management activities utilizing configuration management tools compatible with the AFPC environment (i.e. StarTeam). These tools were utilized for baseline identification, change control, and status accounting.  Our personnel assured that this application was compatible with existing customer security platforms (i.e. AFPC Secure), and, thus, satisfied a mission-critical requirement for protecting information and information systems across the Air Force Enterprise.

DTSI also utilized Rational Quality Center as the collaborative, web-based quality management solution which assured comprehensive test planning and test asset management for the software life cycle. DTSI personnel effectively used this tool set to create, store, and execute test plans, test cases, and scripts (thus effectively tracking testing progress).  All testing was conducted in accordance with government-approved test plans. As an example, the delivered system passed a government requirement to have no priority I defects and no more than 5 priority II defects. DTSI also built a virtual performance testing environment, successfully conducted the performance testing, and validated various government requirements for MyXDP. As an example, performance thresholds required the ability to support at least 3,000 concurrent users. DTSI also provided the support and ’subject-matter’ expertise to support the acceptance testing for the MyXDP suite of applications.

During the sustainment phase of MyXDP, DTSI personnel provided tier one and tier two ’help-desk’ support for the MyXDP program. As part of this support, technical assistance was provided to the Air Force personnel community. Leveraging the support structure setup by the AFPC, personnel were available to virtually assist world-wide customers/users of the MyXDP application.

DTSI is proud our team completed its project deliverables to IBM, on schedule and within a ’firm-fixed-priced’ contract. The period of performance constituted  approximately an 11-month period.