DTSI services delivery to our customers is project centric. From beginning to end, we assess every client project for its unique objectives and desired outcomes. With this knowledge, we tailor a custom solution that meets and often exceeds client expectations. Our history of performance results in multiple repeat clients and a long history of customer-recognized successes. The projects below represent a sampling of our successes.

Human Resources Systems

HRSTS (Human Resources Systems Technical Support)

HRSTS provides mission-critical support to the Air Force Human Resources Systems Division, Business and Enterprise Systems AF/A1 operations at JBSA-Randolph, AFB. The scope of Team DTSI’s work, during this 3-year, NETCENTS2 IDIQ services and solutions contract, focuses on providing enterprise-wide information technology (IT) solutions and maintaining the IT systems for the Air Force Manpower and Personnel Community. While this particular project is managed within the AFMC HR PMO at Randolph AFB, the data infrastructure is housed within DISA.

The team’s primary function, encompasses delivery of a standardized IT solutions to sustain the Total Force personnel service capability, through an integrated, standardized system. For the past 25 years, DTSI has been involved in the continuous migration of the Military Personnel Data System (MILPDS) domain to newer platforms and capabilities. Since the early 1990s, DTSI has migrated the USAF from a COBOL/ADA based suite of applications to an ERP system primarily powered by Oracle software. Since that time, DTSI has been involved in projects ranging from self-service platform migration (i.e. web-services) to the adoption of other features such as single-sign on and Oracle OBIEE. This work has encompassed the entire development lifecycle ranging from requirements gathering to testing, development, deployment and implementation to serve all of the USAF bases across the world and the millions of service members (retired and active) that rely on MILPDS for access to their personnel data.

EIM (Electronic Information Management)

DTSI’s excellent relationship with AETC’s Computer Services Squadron (CSS) began in September 2013 and will continue through September of 2018 as we ensure the Command’s customers receive exceptional SharePoint software services and database administration support. AETC’s 12 major installations and tenant units rely on our team’s expertise to analyze, design, develop, test and field the SharePoint requirements generated from across its command-wide 100,000 users.

DTSI has built a lasting rapport with our blue-suit and government civilian colleagues through close collaboration of AETC’s business requirements and work together to provide SharePoint solutions that improve AETC’s day-to-day operations and achieve the mission goals of the command.

AFRISS-TF (Air Force Recruiting Information Support System-Total Force)

DTSI is responsible for sustainment and enhancement of the AFRISS-TF. This system supports the recruiting needs of all Air Force components (Active Duty, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserves). It provides automated support to circa 4,000 recruiters located throughout the United States, as well as seven locations in foreign countries (all near Air Force Bases).

DTSI, with subcontractor, Dulcian, Inc., provides sustainment and technical support to this application in the areas of application (Oracle and JAVA based) development and enhancement, Systems Administration, Database Administration, Information Assurance, Help Desk Specialists and Project Management. DTSI is supporting a number of key initiatives that are in work at present, which include; planning the move from DISA support to a commercial Cloud Provider, implementing Biometric Signatures on the numerous forms used and converting from the DIACAP system to the Risk Management Framework (RMF).

DCPDS (Defense Civilian Personnel Data System)

DTSI’s business relationship with Leidos Corporation, the Prime Contractor on the DCPDS program spans 17 years of excellent service. DTSI plays a key role in the operation, maintenance and sustainment of the Oracle Human Resource (HR) and Federal HR suite of applications. A Total Force System, DCPDS is an enterprise-scale suite of HR systems and subsystems executing one million business rules use to perform personnel transactions processing of 800,000 Department of Defense Employees.

Cybersecurity C3MS

C3MS (Cyber Command & Control Mission System)

For over four years, DTSI provided Enterprise Information Technology support, lifecycle software support and cyber operations support services to the 24th Air Force (24 AF) and the 624th Operations Center (624 OC) located at Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland AFB, TX for AFLCMC/HNCY. While Air Force operators execute the direct C2 mission, DTSI personnel stand in the background providing systems administration, Tier II help desk functions, and system development and sustainment for operational applications. We also monitor, maintain, and tune Oracle and SQL databases residing with virtualized SAN servers. DTSI also provide expertise and understanding of enterprise-level Information Technology (IT) infrastructures, technologies, and management systems.

The C3MS consists of classified and unclassified systems on four different networks (two classified and two unclassified), tools that aid the 624 OC to accomplish its mission to C2 the Air Force Information Network, communications (e.g., VTCs, vIPer, VoSIP), and supporting systems (e.g., zero client workstations, printers, and faxes). The C3MS systems include: Visualization Wall Systems (VWS – instances on two classified networks and one unclassified network), the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI – instances on all networks), Virtualization SAN Suite Infrastructure (VSS – instance on one classified network and one unclassified network), Service Oriented Architecture Integration Framework (SOAIF – on one classified network), and an Information Support Server Environment Cross Domain Solution (ISSE CDS – components on one classified network and one unclassified network)).

KMI-FSS (Key Management Infrastructure Fielding Support Services)

The Air Force spent over $1 billion to modernize its security infrastructure to better defend its computer systems from hacking and intercept. The armed services made a decision to move forward and to replace the 40-year-old, stand alone, Electronic Key Management System with a networked solution: Key Management Infrastructure (KMI). KMI is a secure and reliable cryptographic key generation and distribution infrastructure that combines substantial custom software and hardware developments with commercial off-the-shelf computer components. The networked solution provides combatant commanders, services, Defense Department agencies, other Federal government agencies, coalition partners, and allies’ secure and interoperable cryptographic key generation, distribution, and management capabilities.

Our team works with individual communications security experts individually to successfully transition every account in the U.S. Air Force onto the new encryption platform. We prepare the systems, assist the owners along every step of the way, and test the new system implementation before handing over the keys. Our activities helped the Air Force deliver this capability with a 25% reduction in anticipated cost.


BIS (Business Integration Support)

Hill AFB is home to the Air Force Materiel Command’s (AFMC) Ogden Air Logistics Complex, which is the worldwide manager for a wide range of aircraft, engines, missiles, and software, avionics, and accessories components.

Team DTSI provides all personnel, management, and certification and accreditation (C&A) services necessary to review, prepare, and maintain appropriate C&A of selected 75 ABW/SC managed systems.

We maintain the DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) system certifications through the Enterprise Information Technology Data Repository (EITDR) and Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service (eMASS), which includes among others, Authorization To Operate (ATOs) and Authorization to Connect (ATC) for all applicable software and systems in support of the 75 ABW/SC.

GDSS (Global Decision Support System)

Team DTSI provides 24 x 7 world-wide technical Help Desk services to over 20,000 Mobility Air Force users. Our subject matter experts (SME’s) are engaged in user support and account management services to ensure the operational mission of Air Mobility Command’s (AMC’s) Global Decision Support System (GDSS) is achieved. DTSI chose TRI-COR Industries, Inc., a trusted partner of AMC for more than 18 years for their detailed understanding of AMC’s global air mobility mission. The GDSS program is made up of Mobility Enterprise Information System (MEIS), the Aviation Operational Risk Management (AvORM), the Dynamic Mission Re-planning (DMR), the Global Aircrew Management (GAM), and the Global Aircrew Scheduling (GAS) applications. In support of the GDSS contract, Team DTSI participates in the HQ AMC Chairman’s Exercise Program (CEP), Joint Exercise Program (JEP), and the Joint National Training Capability (JTNC) exercises. Our team processes DD Form 2875’s for GDSS users during these exercises and assists with resolving and documenting functional issues as noted during the exercise.

“For the past 25 years, DTSI has been involved in the continuous migration of the Military Personnel Data System (MILPDS) domain to newer platforms and capabilities.”
John Kresek HR Account Executive